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The swiss artist who developed the Pleat-Art
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Hämatit 2006

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We are in the 40th century, After serious developments new socializations are emerging, lack of resources animates mankind to innovative reforms, in which the inexhaustible creativity of individuals is reflected.

In this future scene, Louis' novel is set: The protagonist Hämatit is a lone fighter devoured by his desires, he brings mischief upon the people he meets, entangles himself in loops of power and rancidity, and finally fails because of his uncontrollable obsessions.
The reader embarks on a furious and disturbing journey through bizarre worlds that seem strange and familiar at the same time.
Louis' book makes it clear that a naive belief in progress does not necessarily lead to knowledge.

Paperback, 212 Pages
ISBN 3-8334-3990-4
Atelouis GmbH - Hertizentrum 3 - 6300 Zug (Switzerland) +41 79 578 26 71 - louis@atelouis.ch - www.atelouis.ch

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