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The swiss artist who developed the Pleat-Art
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Louis Atelouis is an experienced Swiss artist who has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. His artworks reflect ironic social criticism and he is always looking for approaches and techniques that do not yet exist, like the "Pleat-Art" developed by him, in which the canvases are crumpled, painted and ironed.
He composes artworks that at first appear perfect, precisely shaped and harmoniously balanced, but that reveal intentional irregularities, cracks and scars as you get closer. This is Atelouis's way of representing life.

Artist Statement: What is expected? It is!

Upcoming Exhibitions
2019 - ART EXPO BEIJING / China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (China)
2019 - Gallery Art Nou Mi-lenni / Barcelona (Spain)
2019 - ART SANTA FE / Santa Fe Convention Center / Santa FE (USA)
Past Exhibitions
2019 - Galerie Achtzig / Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin (Germany)
2019 - SCOPE New York / Metropolitan Pavilion, New York (USA)
2018 - "MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR" - Miami, Florida (USA)
2018 - "ARTBOX.PROJECT NEW YORK 1.0" - New York (USA)
2017 - "OPEN AIR ART FAIR" - Meilen (Switzerland)                                                            
2017 - "ARTBOX. PROJECT 1.0" - Euro-Airport Basel (Switzerland)
2016 - "ASSOCIAZIONE" - Shedhalle Zug (Switzerland)
          The newly developed "Pleat-Art" is presented for the first time. An absolutely new method for oil     
          paintings on canvas. Developed by Louis.
2011 - "EVOHILO" - Castle Knonau (Switzerland)

Further Projects
2009 - The book projeckt "SEELENBRANDUNG"
2006 - The book project "HÄMATIT"
2003 - Theatre play "ROSENQUARZ"

After years of intuitive painting, 2003 saw its premiere as a theatre maker.

Atelouis GmbH - Hertizentrum 3 - 6300 Zug (Switzerland) +41 79 578 26 71 - louis@atelouis.ch - www.atelouis.ch

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