Louis - Pleat-Art

The swiss artist who developed the Pleat-Art
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After countless works in the 90s with intuitive painting, theatre and book projects, the autodidact Louis realised his first exhibition at Knonau Castle (Switzerland) in 2011 with the picture series EVOHILO. Based on his intuitive painting, Louis successively developed his new "Pleat-Art- Technology" and presented it for the first time in 2016 at the ASSOCIAZIONE exhibition in Zoug (Switzerland).
This will be followed in 2017 by the exhibition "ARTBOX. PROJECT 1.0" at the Euro-Airport Basel (Switzerland). 2018 the exhibition "ARTBOX.PROJECT NEW YORK 1.0" - New York (USA) and 2018 the Miami River Art Fair in Miami (USA).

His manifold works always reflect his philosophy - "Don't waste your life with realities".

Atelouis GmbH - Hertizentrum 3 - 6300 Zug (Switzerland) +41 79 578 26 71 - louis@atelouis.ch - www.atelouis.ch
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