Seelenbrandung 2009 - Pleat-Art

The swiss artist who developed the Pleat-Art
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Seelenbrandung 2009

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The ring, taboo cult site of human drives and obscene orientations.
The family of three does not yet know that it is being carefully observed, and lives a carefree everyday life. The unexpected invitation to a philosophical evening ends for the couple in a frivolous escapade with unexpected consequences. The actors of the ring skillfully use the lascivious instincts of the two and successively maneuver them into a latent bondage. Unsuspectingly, the two glide into the perverse machinery of the ring and are mercilessly confronted with sexual novelties. Physically and psychologically at the limits, the journey ends in an apocalyptic finale.
In this scenery Louis' second novel takes place, describing the imperceptible alienation of body, mind and soul in an increasingly sexualised social system. Once again, the reader embarks on a furious and disturbing journey through bizarre worlds that seem both strange and familiar.

Paperback, 248 Pages
ISBN 978-3-033-01877-8

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